Asia Skateboarding Awards 2020

We have received nominations, acceptances and submissions and are now reviewing and shortlisting the entries with the select jury to decide the awards.

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The response to the Asia Skateboarding Awards has been amazing.

Here's a list of everyone that was nominated, accepted and entered the awards.

  • Afghanistan Belqesa Nazar

  • Afghanistan Faisal Karimi

  • Afghanistan Farid Wahidi

  • Afghanistan Farzad Haidari

  • Afghanistan Marzia Jaqjo

  • Afghanistan Merza Mohammadi

  • Afghanistan Saeeda Sadat

  • Afghanistan Shabana

  • Afghanistan Walid Naderi Belqesa Nazari

  • Bahrain Ahmed Haji

  • Bahrain Faheem Balooshi

  • Bahrain Saif Abdulrahman

  • Bahrain Tariq Jawad

  • Bahrain Zeyad Jirjawi

  • Bangladesh Abdullah Al kafi

  • Bangladesh Eftid Mahdin

  • Bangladesh Nafi Ahmed

  • Bangladesh Si Rijan

  • Bangladesh Tanveer Alim

  • Brunei Farih Julaihi

  • Brunei Hafiy Shaffary

  • Brunei Neen Syafiq

  • China Asta Zhang

  • China B Lil

  • China Bobby Wang Jie Bo

  • China Chen Fei Fan

  • China Doris Lou

  • China Jasmine Lan

  • China Shany Jing Ting Ma

  • China Wei Wei

  • China Xiang XiaoJun

  • China Xiao Jun Xiang

  • China Xu London

  • China Yahan Tang

  • China Zoe Zhen

  • Dubai Karim Medhat Fathy Abdelmagid Nassar

  • Hong Kong Chun yin Luk

  • Hong Kong Dan Leung

  • India Anish Christopher Kevin

  • India Atita Verghese

  • India Lalnunkima Ralte

  • India Mahin Tandon

  • India Nikhil Shelatkar

  • India Sagar Waghela

  • India Sayyed Azhar Hussain

  • India Shubham Surana

  • Indonesia Absar Lebeh

  • Indonesia Alditiawan Waluyadi

  • Indonesia Basral Graito

  • Indonesia Carlo Rachman

  • Indonesia Dewi Safitri

  • Indonesia Ega Mp

  • Indonesia Erlangga Ramadhan putra

  • Indonesia Gregorius Aldwin

  • Indonesia Ijhonk Rizki

  • Indonesia Jason Lijnzaat

  • Indonesia Kyandra Kailana Susanto

  • Indonesia Mario Palandeng

  • Indonesia Neepa Pramesti

  • Indonesia Nyimas Cinta

  • Indonesia Pevi Permana

  • Indonesia Rubianda Rachman

  • Indonesia Sanggoe Tanjung

  • Iran Amitis Aghaei

  • Iran Arian Estehmamy

  • Iran Ashkan Gomrokian

  • Iran Kasra Osouli

  • Iran Mahdie Adib Zade

  • Iran Mohadesse Baghi

  • Iran Mostafa Arefi

  • Iran Niusha Jahani

  • Iran Sanam Nabipour

  • Iraq Ahmad Aziz

  • Iraq Arin

  • Iraq Dyar Karim

  • Iraq Hastyar Darbany

  • Iraq Mobin Luqman

  • Iraq Narin

  • Iraq Stran Sirwan

  • Israel adel Nabulsi

  • Israel Lara Yaseen

  • Japan Aoi Uemura

  • Japan Aori Nishimura

  • Japan Daiki Hoshino

  • Japan Daiki Ikeda

  • Japan Daisuke Ikeda

  • Japan Fujii Yurin

  • Japan Genki Sunagawa

  • Japan Hiroki Muraoka

  • Japan Hiroto Naito

  • Japan Ike Keyaki

  • Japan Kaito Sagawa

  • Japan Kaya Isa

  • Japan Kento Yoshioka

  • Japan Kisa Nakamura

  • Japan Koki Arima

  • Japan Kotora Mitani

  • Japan Koya Miyasaka

  • Japan Maeda Hina

  • Japan Mami Tezuka

  • Japan Misugu Okamoto

  • Japan Momiji Nishiya

  • Japan nakayama funa

  • Japan Nanaka Fujisawa

  • Japan Nonoka Nakajima

  • Japan Rio Morishige

  • Japan Sakura Yosozumi

  • Japan Seto Kitano

  • Japan Shin Sanbongi

  • Japan Shinpei Ueno

  • Japan Shintaro Hongo

  • Japan Shogo Zama

  • Japan Shor West

  • Japan Sora Negishi

  • Japan Tokura Taihou

  • Japan Yumeka Oda

  • Japan Yuro Nagahara

  • Japan Yuto Horigome

  • Jordan Ehab Shatta

  • Jordan Hakiem Barakat

  • Jordan Hamza Adam

  • Jordan Hamza Ishaq

  • Jordan Husam Awwad

  • Jordan Mustafa Adam

  • Kazakhstan Adil Zhunusov

  • Lebanon Bilal El Herche

  • Lebanon Mark Issa

  • Malaysia Alif Haiqal

  • Malaysia Amar Syahriz

  • Malaysia Arina Rahman

  • Malaysia Azhad Mazkamal

  • Malaysia Diyanah Athirah

  • Malaysia Fatin Syahirah Roszizi

  • Malaysia Fikri Fauzi

  • Malaysia Ian Iman

  • Malaysia Khadijah Juswil

  • Malaysia Mark Khor

  • Malaysia Mohd Nur Firdaus Marzuki

  • Malaysia Muhammad Haziq Haziq

  • Malaysia Nizar Hashim

  • Malaysia Porock Luis

  • Malaysia Tim Chia

  • Malaysia Yaziru Amiru Zainordin

  • Maldives Ahmed Naaish

  • Maldives Ali Shaahil

  • Maldives Qusayy Ibrahim Mohamed

  • Maldives Yoosuf Lauk Bin Mohamed

  • Mongolia Bayasgalan Sukhbaatar

  • Mongolia Tengis Lkhagvadorj

  • Mongolia Tilyeubryed Tilyeubryed Tsvyetkhaan

  • Myanmar Hein Htet Soe

  • Myanmar Htet Myant Naing

  • Myanmar Thawdar Shinthant

  • Nepal Bijay Tamang

  • Nepal Dhiraj Pariyar

  • Nepal Pemba Shrestha

  • Nepal Samir Wilson

  • Nepal Sandip Shah

  • Oman Firas Al hinai

  • Oman Haitham Al wahaibi

  • Oman Hussam Al Hinai

  • Pakistan Awais Baloch

  • Palestine Adham Tamimi

  • Palestine Aram Sabbah

  • Palestine Malak Battat

  • Palestine Omar Hattab

  • Palestine Zaina Amous

  • Philippines Christopher Hurich

  • Philippines Cindy Lou Serna

  • Philippines Cl Paje

  • Philippines Daniel Ledermann

  • Philippines Daryl Dominguez

  • Philippines Demetrio Cuevas

  • Philippines Jeff Gonzales

  • Philippines Jericho Francisco

  • Philippines Jerwin Santos

  • Philippines John Flory Panugalinog

  • Philippines Khyll Angelo Siarot

  • Philippines Mak Feliciano

  • Philippines Margielyn Didal

  • Philippines Mark Anthony Fernandez

  • Yemen Ali Bin mahfuz

  • Saudi Arabia Bilal Abdulaziz

  • Saudi Arabia Nahar Alnassar

  • Saudi Arabia Rawan Alfaraj

  • Singapore Azyan Azman

  • Singapore Farah Aziz

  • Singapore Feroze Rahman

  • Singapore Hafizan Eusoff

  • Singapore Johan Johar

  • Singapore Juvi Kiedis

  • Singapore Kenny Kamil

  • Singapore Muhamad Janiel Himi Irishzan Bin Zuraimi

  • Singapore Muhammad Firdaus Bin Abdul Rahman

  • Singapore Muhammad Khairulnizamwest Jamaludin (Bone)

  • Singapore Nur Qashdina Nasir

  • Singapore Rocky Zuk Nok Chan

  • Singapore Tina Wan

  • South Korea Arim Go

  • South Korea Brian Peacock

  • South Korea Changgyu Lee

  • South Korea Dae Geun Ahn

  • South Korea Eugene Choi

  • South Korea Hojin Choi

  • South Korea Hyunju Cho

  • South Korea Jason l Choi

  • South Korea Jihoon Jeong

  • South Korea Juwon Eun

  • Taiwan Adam Chen

  • Taiwan Chi wen Chen

  • Taiwan Hsu Mingjie

  • Taiwan Isun Chen

  • Taiwan Xiao Jie Hsu

  • Thailand Jasper Dohrs

  • Thailand Konwit Ketkaeo

  • Thailand Oat Athiwat

  • Thailand Orapan Tongkong

  • Thailand Patrick Praman

  • Thailand Smith Buarupporn

  • Thailand Sothichai Ruksumruach

  • Thailand Supavich Esharoe

  • Thailand Thawatchai Siangoueng

  • Vietnam Anh Tran

  • Vietnam Bao Nguyen

  • Vietnam Danh Truong

  • Vietnam Duong Tan Nghia (Dương Tấn Nghĩa)

  • Vietnam Huong Nguyen

  • Vietnam Ngoc Nguyen

  • Vietnam Vo Tuan Phat (Võ Tuấn phát)



We gratefully acknowledge the generous support of NHS brands that were there for us in our Lockdown contest, and have now come on board for this Asia Skateboarding Awards.

Their support has helped us ensure there is a generous reward for winners.

In addition to these, we would like to thank the following brands and the support of their team managers who have given their time and support to ensure the awards are judged to the highest standard.

Nothing comes close to the effort that endemic skate media put in to showcase talent, and we would like to extend a thank you to those that have continued to support our work.

Kenny Reed

Kenny Reed is synonymous with travel, adventure and exploration using his skateboard. His iconic video parts are filled with some of the most stylish tricks in the most obscure spots ever skated. After his 20-year pro career he became a director of SkateQilya, a non-profit organization that holds a summer camp that teaches skateboarding, photography, videography, and community building. Recently, he was the head coach for the National Skateboarding Team for Myanmar and led them to the Vans Park Series in Japan and the South East Asian Games in the Philippines.

Kenny's IG

The Nominators

We will have over 150 nominators.

Our nominating panel consists of respected individuals and organisations in the Asian and global skateboarding community.

After all of the nominees have been tallied, processed and taken into account for by our technical director Kenny Reed, we announce the finalists to present to the jury.

The Jury

After determining our men's and women's finals list from our nominators, the jury panel will begin their work, and select the winners! 

Who are these jury members you ask? Click away and if you haven't yet, shoot them a follow while you're at it!

Tommy Zhao - Vans

Tommy Zhao - Vans

Eric Lai - Wanderings

Eric Lai - Wanderings

Anthony Claravall - NB

Anthony Claravall - New Balance

Masafumi Kajitani - VHS Magazine

Masafumi Kajitani - VHSMAG

Nino Moscardi - Nike SB

Laurence Keefe - adidas

Laurence Keefe - adidas

Alex White - Krux/NHS

Alex White - Krux

Willy Santos

Willy Santos - Willys Workshop

What do they win?

Our main awards will be Asia Skater Of The Year (Men’s) - US$ 1,500 and Asia Skater Of The Year (Women’s) - US$ 1,500

We will also be handing out awards in other categories, with cold cash that includes Asia’s finest Man and Woman transition skaters, the steeziest, the most creative, the up and comers and more!

Vertical Ripper #verticalripper2020 by Independent
Please choose 1 skater who’s been ripping transition this year! Whether it's in a backyard pool,on the mini ramp or at the combi bowl in the skatepark, pick one ripper who stands out to you.

Style for Miles #styleformiles2020 by Mob
Please put forward the name of 1 skater who is in your opinion oozing style this year... Style is a personal preference, it's your choice. From carefree and light footed to fast and furious whichever you prefer!

Asia Rookie of the Year #AROTY2020 by OJ’s
There are so many young rippers on the scene. Please choose one under 18 up and comer who stands apart from the rest this year in their progression and talents!

Hidden Gem #hiddengem2020 by SantaCruz
Asia is a huge continent and there are pockets of undiscovered talent in every corner and country! This award will go to one ripper who hasn't quite received the recognition they deserve..

Creative Sole #creativesole2020 by KRUX
Skateboarding is an art form.. No rules apply here.. So please choose one skater who flows with their own original style, flow, trick and spot selection in 2020!

Fastest feet in the East #fastfeet2020 by Bronson
Speed is the key here.. Who’s been zipping around this year with quick feet and no fear?! Whether it's quick combination tricks or just pure fast skating.. pick the ones who are out there and on fire in 2020!

Trick of the Year #ASIATOTY2020 by Independent
Too many to choose from, and one will win!


Who qualifies?

Any skater in Asia can be nominated in the awards regardless of age, athletic status, sponsorship or geographical location in the continent.

One must be holding a passport/birth certificate from one of the 46 countries or territories of Asia.

There may be cases where other credentials will be accepted but will ultimately be decided by the organisers and the jury.

Nominations declined or rejected due to disqualification may be replaced by others.

Rules and criteria:

All content must be released within the year 2020.

Nominees will have until January 7th 2021 (Note: new date) to submit/upload content/assets.

Content/assets include videos, photos, contest placings and any other skateboarding related accomplishments in 2020.

2 skaters per country (maximum) will make it into the final selection.

A maximum of 30 skaters will be in the finals and will then have their content presented to the jury.


What are the jury looking for in my submissions?



Use of Spots


Use the hashtag #ASIASOTY2020 and #ASIASKATEAWARDS2020!

As a condition of entry, you will be assigning your rights to the video, the use of your name and associated details to Millennial Events and their partners, to reuse at their discretion. By entering the contest, you are confirming that it is your original video and associated assets are yours and that you have abided by all the rules here and any future updates to these. You are also to indemnify the entities involved in this contest from any disputes arising from your recording of the video, and your participation in this contest.

Remember, this “We are creating this competition to inspire creativity and share fun and innovative content that will keep us connected with our friends. In a show of solidarity with our fellow skaters across Asia in what has been a tough year for all”

Contact Us

Nominations for 2020 are closed and we are in the process of processing them for the jury.

If you want to be included in future projects, as join the esteemed panel of nominators for future awards, please contact us with a reason to include you.

Thank you!

Thank you!

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We will send you an email shortly on and how the contest progresses and how to proceed with submission.

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